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From the Editor’s Desk Sports Stuff

You may have noticed in last week’s newspapers that we have brought back something from the past.

Athlete of the Week is back in our sports sections, and Nevada’s Jessica Helton for the Nevada Journal and Ballard’s Luke Kohut-Jackson for the Tri-County Times were chosen as this season’s first honorees.

Athlete of the Week was a staple in our newspapers back in the 1990s, but it had faded from our pages for a number of years. I’m not sure why.

With cooperation from our sports editor, “Journal Joe” Randleman, as he’s referred to in the Nevada area, we have decided to bring the Athlete of the Week back.

Randleman will make the selections each week – sometimes with help from other staff members or area sports reporters – of those whom he believes deserve the honor. Athletes may be selected once or more than once during a sports season. There is no voting by the public. This recognition is simply at the discretion of the newspaper.

We would like to thank Windsor Manor in Nevada and Ankeny Sanitation Inc. for jumping on board as two of our first sponsors for Athlete of the Week. We hope to bring other similar recognition/sponsorship opportunities to the newspaper in the future. If you are interested in being considered for these types of opportunities, please let us know.

Also this week, you will see pictures of our area spring sports teams. We thank the great business sponsors who continue to make these pages possible. If you were missed on the pages this week, but would like to help sponsor the next set of pages for summer sports, coming out this May, call Lauri Dodd, 382-2161, and she will be sure to put you down for that.

The Journal and Tri-County Times are always looking for help with sports photos for our pages. With five school districts to cover, Journal Joe can’t be everywhere!

If you are one of those parents who love taking pictures and are told by others that you have a knack for it, we’d love to work out a deal with you to help us take pictures at events this spring and/or summer. If you are interested, call me, 515-382-2161.

(Marlys Barker is editor of the Nevada Journal and Tri-County Times.)