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Bomber girls move to 4-0

HUXLEY – The Ballard girls’ tennis team had little trouble getting past South Hardin April 17 in Huxley as the Bombers won every match after the No. 1 singles confrontation to score a decisive 10-1 victory.

Ballard’s Brenna Ripp put up a good fight before suffering a 10-7 loss to South Hardin’s Ellen Swartz in the No. 1 singles match, but after that it was smooth sailing for the Bombers as they improved to 4-0 on the season.

Emily Jurgensen pulled off a hard-fought 11-9 victory over South Hardin’s Mikayla Fisher in the No. 2 singles match and Alex Petersen whipped the Tigers’ Hanah Reifschneider by a 10-2 margin in the No. 3 match to get the ball rolling for Ballard. Rylee Cahill pulled off 10-6 win over South Hardin’s Kailey Richard in the No. 4 match, Meredith Ossian won the No. 5 match by a 10-7 decision over Rachel Miller and Olivia Astarita blanked the Tigers’ Emily Haywood by a 10-0 score in the No. 6 match.

In doubles play Ripp and Jurgensen teamed to win a 10-7 battle over Swartz and Reifschneider in the No. 1 match. Petersen and Cahill claimed victory by the same score over Fisher and Richard in the No. 2 match and Ossian and Astarita cruised to a 10-2 victory over Miller and Shannon Teske in the No. 3 match.

Hannah Astarita and Shania Schmidt gave Ballard a 10-5 win over South Hardin’s team of Haywood and Dana Minteer in the No. 4 doubles match. Nicole Kling and Katy Holly tacked on a 10-6 triumph over the Tigers’ Emily Mitchell and Jenny Allen in the No. 5 match.

Ballard 10, South Hardin 1

Singles: 1. Ellen Swartz (SH) defeated Brenna Ripp (B); 10-7. 2. Emily Jurgensen (B) defeated Mikayla Fisher (SH); 11-9. 3. Alex Petersen (B) defeated Hanah Reifschneider (SH); 10-2. 4. Rylee Cahill (B) defeated Kailey Richard (SH); 10-6. 5. Meredith Ossian (B) defeated Rachel Miller (SH); 10-7. Olivia Astarita (B) defeated Emily Haywood (SH); 10-0.

Doubles: 1. Ripp and Jurgensen (B) defeated Swartz and Reifschneider (SH); 10-7. 2. Petersen and Cahill (B) defeated Fisher and Richard (SH); 10-7. 3. Ossian and Astarita (B) defeated Miller and Shannon Teske (SH); 10-2. 4. Hannah Astarita and Shania Schmidt (B) defeated Haywood and Dana Minteer (SH); 10-5. 5. Nicole Kling and Katy Holly (B) defeated Emily Mitchell and Jenny Allen (SH); 10-6.

HUXLEY – Ballard scored a strong 8-3 victory over Clarke on a cold day in Huxley April 15 as the Bombers earned four singles victories and dominated doubles play.

Ballard picked up doubles victories in the Nos. 2, 3, 4 and 5 matches to wrap up its third victory in succession to start the season.

Alex Petersen and Rylee Cahill won the No. 2 doubles match over Clarke’s Cassidy Bierbrodt and Macey Snell by a 10-5 score. Meredith Ossian and Sydney Buchholtz pulled off a close 10-8 decision over the Indians’ Sydnee Redman and Rachael Simpson in the No. 3 match.

Olivia and Hannah Astarita manhandled Clarke’s Dania Echeveste and Sofia Contrenas by a 10-1 score in the No. 4 match and Nicole Kling and Lili Rund blanked the Indians’ Katie Carney and Lindsey Mumaw, 10-0, in the No. 5 match.

Emily Jurgensen, Cahill, Ossian and Buchholtz were all victorious in singles play for Ballard.

Jurgensen edged Clarke’s Tracy Morgan in 11-9 battle during the No. 2 singles match. Cahill crushed Snell by a 10-1 score in the No. 4 match, Ossian won the No. 5 match over Redman by the same 10-1 score and Buchholtz defeated Simpson by a 10-5 decision.

Ballard 8, Clarke 3

Singles: 1. Libby Bemis (C) defeated Breanna Ripp (B); 10-4; 2. Emily Jurgensen (B) defeated Tracy Morgan (C); 11-9. 3. Cassidy Bierbrodt (C) defeated Alex Petersen (B); 10-3. 4. Rylee Cahill (B) defeated Macey Snell (C); 10-1. 5. Meredith Ossian (B) defeated Sydnee Redman (C); 10-1. 6. Sydney Buchholtz (B) defeated Rachael Simpson (C); 10-5.

Doubles: 1. Bemis and Morgan (C) defeated Ripp and Jurgensen (B); 10-2. 2. Petersen and Cahill (B) defeated Bierbrodt and Snell (C); 10-5. 3. Ossian and Buchholtz (B) defeated Redman and Simpson (C); 10-8. 4. Olivia Astarita and Hannah Astarita (B) defeated Dania Echeveste and Sofia Contrenas (C); 10-1. 5. Nicole Kling and Lili Rund (B) defeated Katie Carney and Lindsey Mumaw (C); 10-0.

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